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Supplement I mean? I definitely am a supplementer. If that is a real word of course? I take a variety of natural vitamins and minerals to assist my body’s functions and aid my general well being. Whether the benefits I feel are placebo effects or real (placebo effects being just as beneficial as real, making that a whole separate debate) I don’t care.

I know I function and feel better while on my supplements than off them.Which is regularly discovered by my occasional complacency with my supplement regime. Not fully realizing some of the many benefits I feel of the supplements I’m on until I experience a crash of some sort, attributed to me not having taken one or more of my supplements for a while. This is invariably caused by me having run out of something or alternatively because I’ve been dragged away from my typical supplement schedule by irregular work scheduling. Either way,point being, I always feel better and perform better on my supps’ than off. Of that I can be sure.

Maybe it was due to my youthful acceptance of urban pharmaceuticals (that’s a fancy word for drugs isn’t it), but I have no problem with trying things out, just to check their possible effects. Maybe it’s for the very same reason that I possibly need health supplementation? who knows? But for anyone who disregards the effects of what you put in your body, only needs to look at someone who commonly consumes large quantities of processed food with little to no nutritional value. Compared to someone who simply eats well.

Scurvy, anemia, pellagra, beriberi, rickets, etc, the list goes on and on the more you look at how your health is negatively effected by vitamin and mineral deficiencies. All the conditions above are caused by a lack of particular vitamins & minerals as well as treated by just increasing the same missing minerals from the patients diet. I think (not being any kind of medical student) that pellagra is not easily treated once the worst damage has been caused, as it’s damage to the nerves to too severe to repair once damaged. Moral of that one being prevention is always better than cure right!?


So basically, in my opinion, you would be a fool to often eat badly and to neglect to supplement your diet (be it a good or bad diet) with the vitamins and minerals you are probably lacking in. And unless you are blessed to be able to feed yourself with 100% organic, free range, grass-fed, wild roaming completely balanced diet, untouched by the industrial farming industry. Then you probably could benefit from some form of natural supplementation.

Of course, If you can address any vitamin and mineral deficiencies through diet, then I would wholeheartedly recommend that before anything else. But if that is not totally possible, for whichever of the many reasons conceivable, then I also wholeheartedly recommend taking a vitamin or mineral supplement.

I was thinking of going into some detail about which particular supplements I take and why, along with the benefits I feel like I get from them. But I doubt that is relevant here as who knows, a) what does and doesn’t work for you and b) what you may or may not be deficient in.


The cheapest and most natural nutrients I will recommend to though, is the old favorite, drink lots more water. Preferably mineral water over filtered / purified water if possible? (Filtered water filters out everything good as well as everything bad) But unless you live in an area close to a fraccing mine, then just more tap water is going to be beneficial.

Secondly, after researching of course, I recommend adding daily supplementation of sea salt. That pink Himalayan stuff is the best stuff in my opinion. Google the salt blood pressure myth (google the salt blood pressure myth debunked too of course, to do your due diligence) and then google the benefits of natural sea salt supplementation. With sea salt having an almost identical mineral profile to that of your own salty, watery body, it’s pretty easy to see we should probably all be ingesting more of this, over that chemically compromised “table salt” shit many people poor over their food most nights.

So that’s it for my primary recommendations! honestly. Just try adding a couple of liters of water and a couple of grams of a good pure sea salt to your daily diet and see if you feel any benefits If you do, then consider what other simple things you could add to your diet to improve your physical state.

Are you inside a lot? Then you may very well be lacking Vit D. B12 and Iron could help your general energy levels. Zinc and Magnesium may assist your body’s recovery if you work hard in a physically demanding environment. There are many things that could help many people and if that’s the case, why would you knowingly deprive yourself of things that will help you reach your optimal physical state. Along with your mental state too just based on the old adage, “healthy body healthy mind” Not to mention a stressed body and mind create large doses of cortisol (the stress hormone) and the effects of that are widely documented.

Google search is your friend.

The benefits of regular excersize can’t be over expressed too. But as this is a BJJ blog I am assuming you are already taking steps along that road anyway. However I do know some people who are excersizing regularly, working out hard, but seem to be using that to justify a terrible diet that would likely be doing far more harm than any amount of excersize could possibly counter balance. If diet was only a small part of being healthy, then guys like Mike Dolce wouldn’t be so prevalent in the elite world of the UFC and professional MMA. Which along with boxing, is in my humble opinion, the most physically demanding sport in the world, currently. Kind of ironic that Burger King sponsored MMA for so long isn’t it.


Now if you do want to look at buying some health supplements and especially if you are, like me, on the other side of the planet in New Zealand (the home of the excessive retail mark up), then I suggest you shop online at This is by far the best value way of shopping for supplements I have found in years of buying supplements and you WILL save heaps by purchasing your supplements from them over locally sold products. I regularly save around 40% on what I used to spend, when I bought locally. I actually found that my last supplier of MCT oil (a retail store near by) was also just ordering it from for me and selling it on to me at a large profit.


1 32oz bottle of MCT oil here in NZ retails for approx $50 nzd

2 32oz bottles of MCT oil from including shipping from KY USA, to my door = $49 nzd
Pricing subject to currency variations. pricing accurate as of Jan 2014. MCT Oils exampled of same brand and size.
Compare products and costs (factor in the super fast DHL shipping) and I think, you like me, will definitely start using for all your supplement shopping. That is of course if you want to start using supplements at all?
The choice is obviously totally yours and I am only sharing my opinion and experience. After all it is my blog, so what else would I put here!?
The hyperlinks to included in this post are links through my own account rewards referral portal. Meaning if you use my link to buy something from or enter my discount code JGD169 when making your first purchase from, you will receive between $5-$10 discount, depending on the size of your order. I think it’s above and below $40 orders? I don’t make any money from this but I can earn a discount on my own orders.
I wrote this purely off my own back simply because I want to promote healthy supplementation, as well as support’s service. I feel others can and should benefit from it like I have myself.
Roll on! vitamin-supplements

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