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Well yes okay, if you’re gonna twist my arm I’ll admit it. Maybe I do view Ronda Rousey in a slightly different light to the other UFC Champs. Maybe it’s just a little bit to do with that cheeky grin of hers and possibly even might have a tiny bit […]

Ronda Rousey proves BJJ + Judo > BJJ / Judo

So apart from not training over the past few weeks, due to untimely Xmas holidays, children’s birthdays, new year celebrations, etc, it’s been a great Xmas break for my BJJ journey. my physical training and exercise regime has changed immeasurably. Goodbye bench press, bicep curls and lat raises. Hello Chin […]

BJJ Training Toys

My first stripe
So I did it! I achieved the first mile stone on my road to earning a BJJ Blue Belt. Not a bad early Xams present I think you’ll agree!?  Here it is….. …….It’s very much like everyone else’s…….except it isn’t, because it’s mine! I am really proud of it and […]

First Stripe

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Found this blog post from the old site that got compromised when my host provider screwed everything up. So I thought I’d add it to this new version of the site. I have really enjoyed my first couple months training under Serge Morel and Stuart Mitchell at Aucklandbjj.com.  I recommend […]

Rolling with Ego and Panic on the BJJ mats

  Stop! – “No! You have to leave sir!  No I’m not touching you, but I will if you don’t start leaving. Now come on, let’s go please” – “No f**k you! Touch me and I’ll flatten you baldy!” That was a my verbal exchange with a drunk evictee, while […]

BJJ – Not teaching me how to fight

Ryron Gracie seminar.
  Welcome to Ripped Tees (or possibly even, welcome back to Ripped Tees). This is my BJJ training log of my journey from an old semi broken, white belt, to eventual blue belt over the next two years. I don’t plan to end there of course, but first things first! […]

Hello BJJ world!