NZ Grappler Nogi Tournament February 2014

Haven’t had time to write much recently, which is also illustrated by my lack of training recently too. I am however back in the gym/dojo/academy (What actually is the official name of the place you roll?) now and have started doing my hill sprints, body weight and kettlebell circuits, running couple kms a day and generally doing everything I can to get ready for my first tourney in May.


The reason for this new higher level of commitment, is I was recently inspired (scared) into action watching my rolling buddies compete last weekend at the NZ Grappler Nogi Tournament.

First off, well done and congratulations to all the people who competed that day. I saw some great matches (and I only attended the intermediate and beginner category matches) and was very proud to watch my friend Marc Tai win his first medal (of many more to come Im sure). here is Marc by the way


Marc Tai competing in his second tourney and getting his first Medal! Well done mate!

Marc Tai competing in his second tourney and getting his first Medal! Well done mate!

As well as watching our little assassin Igor who won a bronze medal! He is going to win gold in May at the Gi tourney I’m sure! You heard it hear first! Igor is much more familiar with the gi (not exactley bad without it either to be fair) and will demonstrate his skills a lot better with the gi than without it.


Also well done Steve Oliver of Oliver MMA (recently seen in Mark Hunt’s corner for his UFC fight with ‘Bigfoot’ Silva) for putting on the tournament. I’m looking forward to competing in your gi tournament in May.


With that in mind, I better make this post quick as I have to go run and swing some kettlebells around. I have to do as much conditioning as possible after seeing the excellent conditioning of many of the competitors last weekend. I had resigned myself to making this first foray into competition little more than an exercise in humility and let it feed my desire and motivation for learning ‘the gentle art’


While I do not expect to walk away with a gold medal on my first outing, Nice though that would be of course. I do not want to have my arse handed to me in extreme and embarrassing fashion. Like I am sure would happen to me if I was to step on to the mat today. You don’t know what you had till it’s gone, right? Well that is most assuredly the case regarding my fitness. Watching the level of conditioning on display last weekend has renewed my desire (panicked need is closer to the truth) to increase my work rate.

No more slacking off just because Ive been called for a night shift. I used to take a kettlebell or two with me and then get embarrassed to use them, incase someone passing looked over. However I now know that that is just the lesser of two evils, as I will be far more embarrassed, by gassing out and panicking into motionlessness on the mat after just 2 minutes. (See my original post regarding panic and ego). So anyone based in Auckland reading this, if you see a bald fat guy sprinting down a suburban street, it may not be a burglar, it may just be me running from failure.


Wish me luck, Osss

Roll on.








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