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I have to be honest and admit I haven’t actually trained since getting this mouth guard. I have had a couple smacks in the mouth though ironically, but not a bunch of 4-5 minute rounds on mats, which is what I purchased this for in the first place. Maybe I should have waited to do that before writing this, shouldn’t I? To be honest I don’t even know if I can roll with a big piece of rubber in my mouth at all. Especially after my first experience with a cheapo “Boil & Bite” mouth guard, that lasted approx 60 seconds of rolling before flying across the room towards the rubbish bin. Getting in the way of breathing, which is already a struggle at the best of times. But I am getting so sick of biting my tongue every time I roll, so I’m more than willing to give this a good go and see if I can get used to it. 

Thanks go to Stuart for passing on Lisa’s details from and of course to Lisa for providing the great service in the first place. (I knew I was in the right hands when I spotted an Arsenal FC kit bag tucked away in the corner of the room while getting my fitting done). Stuart told me about the benefits of getting a fitted one made, over getting a cheap B&B one (You can breath easier, talk, open your mouth without it falling across your airway, like the cheap one did) and how cheap it was to get ($45). I couldn’t think of a single good reason not to spend the money on getting one. I do like to spend money, but I really hate paying full price for anything. So when I researched how much it usually costs to visit a dentist and have one of these made, I was smugly self satisfied that I was getting the necessary level of bargain to qualify for me reaching into my deep pockets (with my famously short arms). Just to be clear, Lisa is a registered dental nurse and the same person who would likely have fit my “dentist” made mouth guard, if I had chosen to pay a dentist to do the job instead. So don’t think you’re compromising by getting to supply your fitted mouth guard. Except in price.

My new "TRUFIT.CO.NZ" Fitted Mouth Guard

My new “TRUFIT.CO.NZ” Fitted Mouth Guard

I drove up to her house on the North Shore and was in and out with my fitting done within 5 minutes of arriving. Pretty long drive coming from South Auckland, but more than worth it, and Lisa is happy to post out the finished mouth guard once completed for an extra $5. Which, being less than the cost of just the petrol alone (not even considering the 30 mins each way of travel time) for me to drive back there again, made this the favoured option in my opinion.

My Gum Shield / Mouth Guard (whatever you want to call it) arrived within the week as promised. I did need to get out my multi tool and file off a little edge that was cutting into the gum above one of my monster vampire teeth. But once done (all of 30 seconds) it fitted perfectly. A little too perfectly infact, as its slightly difficult to pull off my teeth once it’s on.

I had always wondered about those fighters I saw on the UFC, who couldn’t seem to pull their mouth guards out after a fight or between rounds, but now I see. Its bloody hard!


Well wish me luck for tomorrow. Good luck with the gum shield as well as good luck that I actually manage to make it to training for the first time in weeks / months. Is it just me who feels funny going back after a long gap away?


Roll on!


Like I said though, I haven’t been able to actually train since getting it though. Thanks to that most minor (or is that major), of first world problems. Having too much work booked in to afford me the luxury of recreation or training time.


I am finally going to be able to train tomorrow, for the first time in almost a month. So am very keen to give this new bit of kit its first proper test run. I will post how well it performs in the comments section below.

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    Yes I made it to training tonight and yes the mouth guard performed excellently! So I can now totally recommend spending the extra couple of dollars and get yourself a fitted mouth guard. Do it! Go on!