Masters 2015 Competition

Auckland Master white on black


Yes the inaugural Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Masters Competition is officially sponsored by ME! Well Actually it’s sponsored by Knights Security Ltd, Which is me. But that’s a mere technicality of detail. And it’s held and run by my instructors Serge Morel and Stuart Mitchell of (DS team BJJ)

I’m really not very motivated to compete if I’m perfectly honest. But to be a part of this historic event (forgive the melodrama), was just far too big to pass up on.

So I am not only participating, but also I have somehow become the named sponsor too. I don’t think many Film and TV producers / Directors / Production Managers or anyone else who make the decision to hire security are going to be swayed by this piece of historic advertising. But that is obviously not what it’s about is it!?

Incase you are not aware, and you probably are not. This will be the very first ever Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Masters Tournament, ever held in NZ! Thats a huge deal to me and if you are reading this blog, (and old like me) it should be to you too.


It also appears the demand is really there from us over 30s, who are put off competing by all you young studs who don’t have to navigate all the work, family, brittle bones and fragile constitutions us “older” students have to deal with compared to you. Yes I know you probably have all those young drunk girls to work around at the discos, that hinder your 24/7 training. But it’s nothing compared to the unsympathetic nagging wife, who says you agreed to run the kids to swimming and soccer practice this week (even though you know for sure theres no damn way you would have ever agreed to such a thing!).

Anyway, bit of a tangent there I think? Sorry.

Point is, There’s a BJJ Masters tournament coming up on the 16th of May and if I don’t win one of the god damn medals I’m buying…….. I guess I’ll just have to sponsor a new weight class division just for me.


Will keep you updated with any other developments that occur and of course a results table once completed. Hence why this is being awarded a whole new page instead of a post.


So until then though, roll on. Masters Masters

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