Kung Fu Beats BJJ….or Crouching Tiger Hidden Mats

Hi, Sorry, Apologies, *bow *bow *bow


I’ve not written anything for ages, because this is supposed to be a JiuJitsu Blog and as I have not done any JiuJitsu for a few months I figured I had nothing much to write about.

But now I realise that I don’t really care if I have nothing specific to write about, as having nothing to say rarely stops me speaking. Therefore why should it stop me writing? Right?! Well too bad if you don’t agree, thats life on the internet for you.


I haven’t managed to do more than a handful of classes over the past few months, as I had been far too busy managing the security requirements for the filming of the sequel to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

(I think referencing the original and not the sequel itself keeps me safe from the NDA -Non Disclosure Agreement- I signed last year………?! If not, then I expect this post to be pulled down imminently by the NSA working on behalf of USA’s economic interests in a Julian Assange hunting tactical assault type attack. But obviously without all that rapey rape, surprise sex charges first though. Plus I’m married anyway, so the only surprise sex charge here would be, “surprise!, sex?”)

So yes, I’ve been kept away from practicing my Jiujitsu thanks to fake Kung Fu! Hence the shamelessly obvious click bait title. Well if it’s good enough for BJ Penn. Com then it’s good enough for me.

My BJJ would, in fact, beat any of the Kung Fu stunt men from the above unmentioned epic martial arts movie. And not only because the combined weight of them all, would still only possibly equal that of my last drive through order at KFC.


Thankfully, short of the occasional glares from one particular stuntman, I never had any cause to prove my point. I think he took offence to my chinese tattoos, or maybe it was the fact I kept smiling at his girlfriend….? Who knows!?


So the point of this post, is to state my intentions to fill this blog with anything that is even mildly related to JiuJitsu. Or JiuJitsu training, which includes work outs, or breathing excersices, or like I said, anything even mildly related to Jits (Had to say Jits just once for my instructor who hates it).


So bye for now and look forward to rolling again soon

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