How often do you walk out of class injured? 1



I’m not moaning about it at all, I promise! As long as the injury isn’t detrimental to continued training, I almost enjoy the odd blow, knock, bruise, etc. Makes me feel like I did something worthwhile with my evening. After all, nothing good comes easy right? Remember that next Friday night in town at the club, mmmkay?!

But I am curious how often others get injured in the course of training BJJ? I have almost ripped my pathetic little toe off three times training over the past few months (and finally only now, after those three separate occurrences of the exact same injury, have I actually bought some flaming tape to tape it up with!?) as well as taking a headbutt to the nose along with the usual stray knee to the balls when someone is passing guard. Mostly pretty typical stuff by all accounts.

Tonight I caught a pretty good sized knee to the face that gave me that good old flash of white light in front of the eyes briefly and an instant welt under the eye. A good war wound to show off for a day or two maybe. Well it’s a much better one than my common pinky toe injury of late. The one that I try to hide from people after I leave class. Because trying to explain to layman that “I twisted it back while transitioning from”…… blah blah blah blah, is all they are gonna hear and it doesn’t sound too cool does it? But a noticeable black eye that I can explain casually with a macho “What? oh this?! Yeah I just caught a knee in the face at training, ya know how it is?” hahaha Now that has much greater credibility than “oh my limp? Yeah that’s because my little toe got twisted when I shifted my weight from this foot to that one, while trying to hug this guy in class from behind and take him down, so I could mount him…….”, hey wait! come back! it wasn’t like that!” Doh!.

So anyway, I digress. How often do you get injured?

Do you get injured or do you avoid it quite well with a Rener Gracie “Keep it playful” style of training and rolling?

Am I the only weird person who doesn’t mind taking a blow or two in training?

I won’t rest until I have the answers to these questions and more. But in the mean time, I’m going to bed for some rest. Or possibly to pass out from concussion?

Roll on!



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