First Stripe

So I did it! I achieved the first mile stone on my road to earning a BJJ Blue Belt. Not a bad early Xams present I think you’ll agree!?  Here it is…..

My first stripe…….It’s very much like everyone else’s…….except it isn’t, because it’s mine! I am really proud of it and I will wear it with that very same sense of pride every Tuesday during Gi class.

I don’t actually think I even deserve it yet if I am perfectly honest. When I roll, I know I flail around hopelessly and aimlessly like an upturned beetle. The only twister I’m associated with is less Eddie Bravo and more the old “left foot blue, right hand yellow”  game twister!

Whats worse, is that over this 2/3 week Xmas break, I haven’t trained at all since receiving my stripe. I’ve eaten badly (Gained 1kg in that tiime when I’m supposed to be cutting weight off), I haven’t worked out much and so when I start classes again next Tuesday, I will most likely be sweating, struggling and panting after just completing the warm up session. Who am I kidding, I’ll be wheezing and pouring bucket loads of sweat half way through the bloody warm ups.

I did mean to attend some Judo classes, as those crazy bastards don’t ever stop training. But as I broke my toe during our last jitz class, I have only just started walking without a limp over the past few days. Convenient excuse I can hear the Judo boys muttering, but it is the truth! I swear…..!…Honest…..! hahaha


So anyway, that’s all you lot need to know for now. It’s been a great Xmas. and this is going to be another amazing year.

Till later bruvas n sisters, Roll On!








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