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So apart from not training over the past few weeks, due to untimely Xmas holidays, children’s birthdays, new year celebrations, etc, it’s been a great Xmas break for my BJJ journey. my physical training and exercise regime has changed immeasurably. Goodbye bench press, bicep curls and lat raises. Hello Chin ups, Box Jumps and Kettle Bells.


These pictures below are what I got for Xmas from my very loving, supportive and most generous Wife & Kids. I’ve since purchased a couple more KB’s, a skipping rope and some rubber foam floor tiles to complete my new home gym. And after cancelling my YMCA gym membership, I’m still up by a good few hundred dollars compared to last years gym budget.

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No more Bread or Pasta! Big breakfasts have been replaced with Bulletproof Coffees.

6 meals a day replaced with 18hr intermittent fasts.

Those old single rep, heavy squats have been replaced with high rep body weight squats.

On and on the differences go between my old routines and my new. Losing weight, gaining fitness and having a ton of fun doing it! Not bad I feel for a formally overweight, (Clasified by BMI as obese) diabetic that’s missing part of my left lung from thoracotomy surgery. I know it’s possibly a little ugly to blow my own trumpet and I’m sorry if that’s the way it comes over. But I only say it as a positive example and motivation statement and not with any ego swelling machismo. Well maybe just a little bit……But I’m improving in that area too. 🙂


If you want to lose weight, fight diabetes, improve your fitness, your mood or just generally improve? Go find a good BJJ class! if you’re in Auckland, NZ then come find us at


Looking forward to a great year ahead, Roll On!


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