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Hygiene essentials

Some of my gym bag essentials, just because I like to be a “Dib Dib Dib” boy scout. Always be prepared they said.


Quick post today to ask what everyone thinks about the hygiene protocols of your academy and those of the people you roll with?


Germs are fucking everywhere! Some people obviously do not realise this well documented and long understood (since about 1860 I think) fact?! Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch would turn in their graves to see some of the things we allow on the mats! (Google them if you don’t know who they are). Some people say “harden up, it’s just part of Jiu Jitsu” But I say Fuck No! Not when it’s so easily avoidable by just doing a couple small but effective things.


A) Wash your Gi regularly! It should be you that taps me, not your Gi.

B) Wash yourself regularly! See above. Remember we can all smell the difference between recent sweat and old sweat. (or even Worse, old sweat mixed with deodorant)

C) Cover any sores, scabs, etc. Dude! When I roll I wanna avoid your guard or sneaky killer kimura, NOT that angry looking “thing” growing on you!

D) Cut those damn talons! Finger/toe nails need to be kept short for EVERYONE’S safety. No one wants to fight Wolverine or Freddie Kruger!

C) Wash your hands before coming onto the mats. Ideally with an anti-bac / alcohol rub. Maybe I’m being OCD? Maybe I’m not!  “Don’t walk germs onto the mats” goes for your hands just as much imo.


Thats the end of my little rant. Maybe most people aren’t as concerned as me. But since the smallest little thing can easily knock my diabetically weakened immune system and put me out of action for weeks, I now have an increased interest. That! and also, the fact I just may be getting increasingly OCD in my old age? With that in mind, I’ll end this post with a question. How many of you have EVER seen your local supermarket cleaning the trolley or basket handles???  Roll on. 


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