BJJ is good for road rage

Jiu Jitsu is great for road rage!

Don't race me to the merging lane then slow down once you're in front!

Don’t race me to the merging lane then slow down once you’re in front!


If I have to suffer one more incompetent, texting, eating and drinking, generally distracted excuse for a driver, while going about my daily business on the road, I think I’ll consider my vehicle insurance excess as a fair price for repeatedly ramming into them! That’s if I don’t fully succumb to my rage, drag them out of their window and beat seven shades or shit out of them first.


No not really! I would never harm someone for simply frustrating me. But that is often what I’ve felt like doing while I’ve been driving around over the past few months. Why the past few months? Because that’s how long it’s been since I was last at Jiu Jitsu class. I have also had alot of health issues regarding my diabetes as well as the effect that has on my PTPS (Post Thoracotomy Pain Syndrome). Along with gearing up for the biggest job of my young companies career, there has been a lot of stress for me to cope with. So one result of that may have been some increased aggression on the roads on my part, possibly, slightly, just maybe. Not a lot but definitely a much quicker negative response to the common contact with sub standard driving I experience on a daily basis.

Due to all of these health and work factors, I have missed a very prolonged period of training. But I have however managed to fit in a few weightlifting sessions at the 24hr powerlifting / strongman gym near my home that I just joined.It has a surprising gem hidden upstairs in the cardio room I just found out about. Cardio room is obviously samoan / tongan code for Kryptonite room I assume, as NO-ONE at this new gym seems to ever venture up the stairs to it. I didn’t either at first as I assumed it was out of bounds or something, judging by the way all the other guys never so much as looked towards it’s direction. Seriously, no one at all! So a week after joining this new gym, I got brave (the owner was away on holiday so not actually all that brave) and I discovered these ->

Big thick mats just for me!

Big thick mats just for me!

What a find huh? Double wammy for me, as it’s a proper 24hr gym instead of a “24hr fitness centre”, it allows chalk on the bars, the owner STRICTLY enforces the basic gym etiquette rules AND he has a full sized matt area to practice Jiu Jitsu! AND I’m only paying $4.50/wk for it all!!!

Anyway,the point of all this, except that I’m undoubtedly a very lucky bastard indeed, is that I got to include a couple little rolling sessions with my buddy after our workout. The results were, apart from destroying my pride, my back, my hammie and my pinky toe (my buddy is very strong and I have just one stripe on a white belt after all), it also destroyed any of that recent aggression or frustration on the drive home. Or any drive at all for the past couple of days in fact.

The added exercise is helping with my diabetes management, which is starting to improve my health problems which in turn should mean I am able to get back on the real mats with my training brothers over at soon. Not a moment too soon either. As they are all achieving their stripes and developing while I procrastinate here on line.

So until next time, calm down and roll on 🙂

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