My Submission Fight Co "MANIA" Gi
  Just ordered my first Gi from overseas and thanks to a twitter conversation, I have managed to wrangle a discount in return for doing a review of their new “Mania” Gi that was released last week.   I’m very grateful for that, so a big thanks to Submission Fight […]

Submission Fight Co MANIA Gi Review.

My new "TRUFIT.CO.NZ" Fitted Mouth Guard 1
I have to be honest and admit I haven’t actually trained since getting this mouth guard. I have had a couple smacks in the mouth though ironically, but not a bunch of 4-5 minute rounds on mats, which is what I purchased this for in the first place. Maybe I […]

Mouth Guards?

Hygiene essentials
  Quick post today to ask what everyone thinks about the hygiene protocols of your academy and those of the people you roll with?   Germs are fucking everywhere! Some people obviously do not realise this well documented and long understood (since about 1860 I think) fact?! Louis Pasteur and […]

BJJ Stinks!

Marc Tai competing in his second tourney and getting his first Medal! Well done mate!
Haven’t had time to write much recently, which is also illustrated by my lack of training recently too. I am however back in the gym/dojo/academy (What actually is the official name of the place you roll?) now and have started doing my hill sprints, body weight and kettlebell circuits, running […]

NZ Grappler Nogi Tournament February 2014

vitamin-supplements 1
Do you Supp’? Supplement I mean? I┬ádefinitely am a supplementer. If that is a real word of course? I take a variety of natural vitamins and minerals to assist my body’s functions and aid my general well being. Whether the benefits I feel are placebo effects or real (placebo effects […]