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vitamin-supplements 1
Do you Supp’? Supplement I mean? I¬†definitely am a supplementer. If that is a real word of course? I take a variety of natural vitamins and minerals to assist my body’s functions and aid my general well being. Whether the benefits I feel are placebo effects or real (placebo effects […]


So apart from not training over the past few weeks, due to untimely Xmas holidays, children’s birthdays, new year celebrations, etc, it’s been a great Xmas break for my BJJ journey. my physical training and exercise regime has changed immeasurably. Goodbye bench press, bicep curls and lat raises. Hello Chin […]

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My first stripe
So I did it! I achieved the first mile stone on my road to earning a BJJ Blue Belt. Not a bad early Xams present I think you’ll agree!?¬† Here it is….. …….It’s very much like everyone else’s…….except it isn’t, because it’s mine! I am really proud of it and […]

First Stripe